EPISODE 3:  US Providential Rise

1. (Jer. 51:7) She is providentially raised up by God as a “golden cup in the hand of the Lord”.
2. (Rev. 17:10, 12) She is the seventh of eight providential nations.
3. (Isa. 47:7; Rev. 17: 5. Dan 12:10), She is a mystery, “mysterion”; a secret revealed to a small group of people.
4. (Rev. 17:10, 12) She appears before the antichrist and the ten nations emerge. Rev 16:17  It is done. 16:19. Babylon come up for a memorial..  17:1…  17:12
5. (Isaiah 47:5, 7; Rev. 17:3, 18:3) She is recognized by the world with the symbol of a woman.
6. (Rev. 17:3, 4, 18:16) She is the wealthiest of all nations.
7. (Rev. 18:17, 19) She trades with merchants at her deep water ports.
8. (Rev. 18:12) She trades all twenty-seven products listed in Scripture.
9. (Rev. 18:13) She has traded in “slavery and souls of men”.
10. (Rev. 18:19) She makes merchants of the earth rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
11. (Rev. 17:9,18, Rev 18:9,15) She has a world currency that dominates the 7 mountains of the earth.

EPISODE 4: US Providential Blessings

12. (Rev. 17:9,18) She has the greatest military force in the world.
13. (Rev. 17:03)   She uses her military to “police” or “rule over” the seven mountains of the earth. 

14. (Isa. 47:10) She has wisdom and knowledge above other nations.
15. (Isa. 47:8) She is proud, haughty and “says in her heart, I am, and none else beside me”.
16. (Isa. 47:10; Rev. 18:07)  She says “I sit a queen and shall see no sorrow”. 

EPISODE 5: US Fall into Darkness

17. (Isa. 47:1, 5; Rev. 18:02) She “falls” spiritually in God’s eyes.
18. (Isa. 47:5; Rev. 18:02) She is literally DRIVEN into darkness.
19. (Isa. 47:9, 10, 12) She embraces ancient Babylonian religions.
20. (Isa. 47:9) She has enchantments, pagan paraphernalia.
21. (Isaiah 47:12,13, Deut 18:10-11) She practices necromancy, has Mediums.
22. (Isa. 47:13) She has star gazers (astrologers).
23. (Isa. 47:9; Rev. 18:02)  She has witchcraft, including Satan worship
24. (Rev. 17:1-2, 4, 5) She is a world leader in producing pornography.
25. (Rev. 18:03) She is a world leader in selling pornography.
26. (Isa. 47:9, 12; Rev. 18:23) She is a drug-induced nation filled with a “multitude of sorceries”.   27. (Rom. 1:29-31) She meets the twenty-three characteristics of a reprobate society.
28. (Deut. 28:12, 15:6 ) She becomes a debtor nation not a lender.
29. (Rev. 18:02) She becomes the habitation of every form of immorality. 

EPISODE 6: Believers in America

30. (Rev. 18:04, Jeremiah 51:14) She is a nation that has a large amount of God’s people within her. 
31. (Rev. 2:2-7) (Ephesus) She has within her Christians who have lost their “first love” for Christ. 
32. (Rev. 3:01) (Sardis) She has Christians within her who have “dead works.” 
33. (Rev.2:8-11), (Smyrna) She has Christian believers within her who are persecuted. 

EPISODE 7: The Moral Minority

34. (Rev. 2:12-17) (Pergamos) She has Christian (Nicolaitan) leadership that deny Hell, sin or eternal consequences. 
35. (Rev. 2:18-25) (Thyatira) She has Christian leadership who promote the Jezebel spirit of immorality (Baal worship). 
36.(Isa. 47:12-13; Rev. 2:14,20)   She has over 3500 Ashtoreth poles firmly establishing temples of Baal worship (high places) throughout the nation.                                                                                                                                               

EPISODE 8: The Most Common Temptation

37. (Rev. 3:14-22) (Laodecia) She has the richest believers in the history of the world within her.. 
38. (Rev. 3:18, Malachi 3:8-10), She has majority of believers not “tithing” their first fruits of their substance. The question remains, are “tithers” or “non-tithers” rich (generous) toward God? 

EPISODE 9: The Open Door

39 (Rev 3:7-13, Rev. 19:1-10) The church of Philadelphia and her “open door” will deliver her from Babylon’s  judgement. 
40. (Rev. 18:23, 19:7-9) She has the voice of the bride and bridegroom of Christ inside her before the rapture and subsequent destruction.

EPISODE 10: The Two Signs

41. Luke 17:28-32 Jude 1:7; Gen. 19:1-30) She has a culture similar to the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. 
42. Luke 17:26; Gen. 9) She has a culture similar to the days of Noah. 

EPISODE 11: The Sin of Provocation

43. (Rev. 17:06) She has temples of Molech sacrificing her children.
44. (Rev. 17:4-6, Rev 2:20-23) She sacrifices children (saints) to Baal, for the purpose of financial gain.
45. (Isaiah 47: 6) She “shows no mercy” to God’s people…”you have heavily laid thy yoke”.
46. (Num. 35:33, Rev. 2:23), The land is defiled…you shed His blood, He will shed yours.
47. (Rev. 18:04,) She has written warnings in Scripture “not to partake in the sin”.
48. (Rev. 18:04, Jer. 51:14) She has verbal (rhema) warnings  “not to partake in her plagues”.          

49. (Rev. 18:24, Jer. 51:14) She has prophets within her before her destruction ”.
50. (Rev. 17:06, 18:24), She persecutes those who “raise up a shout”. 

EPISODE 12: The Hour that Changes Everything

51 (Rev. 17:16) She will be hated by the antichrist spirit and the ten nations before they are empowered. 
52 (Rev. 17:6, 16, 18:24) She will have believers within her who will be persecuted and hated by the antichrist spirit dwelling both in her and outside of her. 
53 (Eze. 38:13) She will be a supporter of Israel and will stand up for Israel as a “young lion” of Tarshish.