CSR Notes:

  • 20X Brochure (Ministry Gift Package) includes two signed books by Author Richard Pearson
  • Minimum prices shown for multiples (Legacy combo, 5 Study Kit, 10 Study Kit, etc.) are for the SET

  • When a customer requests a donation only, please ask if they are expecting a book or study guide. There has been some confusion on the part of the customer in the past
  • In case of multiple book orders, please let the customer know that items may be shipped separately

  • The is a new box under “Order Info” that allows for special instructions or requests from the customer
  • If a caller refuses to submit an email or phone number, please populate the corresponding fields with:

  • NoMail@prophecyusa.org
  • (999) 999-9999


  • Unless you receive a confirmation page, you can assure the customer that a payment did not go through. This includes a blank page

  • Please let customers know that their credit card will show that a payment has been made to “PayPal”

  • Please make sure that you are using the correct currency. US funds for US customers

  • We do accept money orders
  • Always open this page in a Private/Incognito page
  • All International orders (other than Canadian)¬†are to be in US funds
  • Please enter all information accurately (Thanks guys, you rock!)
  • US CALLERS: mailing address:                   CANADIAN CALLERS: mailing address
    ProphecyUSA                                    ProphecyUSA
    PO BOX 2833                                    P.O. Box 10
    Clearwater, Florida 33757                      Paris, Ontario  N3L 3E5